White Vein Kratom Strains

The naturally grown  Mitragyna Speciosa tree is a close relative of the coffee family, and economically necessary to the farming cultures of many Indonesian countries. Mitragyna Speciosa, better known as kratom, has enjoyed a reputation among indigenous people as a medicinal plant for centuries. Kratom grows wild and in small backyard gardens or larger production farms. This natural growth allows for its easy cultivation, and harvesting and supports the local medicinal and economic needs of rural villages.

The best white vein kratom is produced from the jungles and rain forests of Southeast Asia. The warm, tropical climate, plentiful moisture, and mineral rich soil leftover from the volcanic eruptions create the perfect environment for the kratom plant. The jungle habitat encourages high concentrations of the alkaloid compounds mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, creating potent leaves that are sought out worldwide.

Cultivation of kratom is often performed by small family farming groups that have tended to plants for generations. The group’s ability to receive compensation for their harvest of domestic and wild white vein kratom leaves contributes to fighting the deforestation that can result from two of the region’s premium cash crops, oil palms, and timber.

Traditional Agricultural Practices

The traditional manner of harvesting, which involves carefully selecting the best white kratom leaves and picking each leaf by hand. In this process, other leaves that are still maturing remain on the tree and continue to age for future harvests of green and red kratom strains.

To produce the best white Kratom product, only the newest leaves are harvested. As the leaves mature on the kratom tree, the color of the stems and veins changes from white to green before eventually turning a dark red color. This color shift is caused by changing concentrations of mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Increases in 7-hydroxy mitragynine molecular compounds causes the color changes, signaling to the farmer, the transition of the leaves from one “strain” to another. White kratom is really just the least mature version of green and red kratom strains.

When you’re looking for a strain that’s a real pick-me-up, white kratom won’t let you down. Quickly gaining popularity across the world, White kratom powder offers an alternative to red or green strains that fits well with some consumer’s lifestyle. Other kratom buyers, however, may not be familiar with white vein kratom, what factors make it different from red or green strains, or what options are available when looking for a different or new type of kratom. Educating yourself about kratom capsules makes you a more responsible and informed kratom consumer.

Farmers have incentive to pick only the best white kratom, due to the sequential ripening process. It helps the group to offer processors the white vein kratom they need to satisfy demand while ensuring a long term reliable source of green and red kratom in future harvests. Combined with the application of ethical fair trade practices, this economic system allows for protection of the traditional way of life for the kratom farming family, but also helps them protect the natural jungles and forests that grow hundreds of rare flora and fauna species.

The Most Popular White Kratom Strains

Differences in white kratom strains come from the geographical region where the kratom was harvested. Different Kratom growing regions, often differentiated in strains by their location or source, offer a variation of climates and levels of nutrients in the water and mineral rich soil that feeds the kratom plants. This variation results in slightly different strains. These are some popular online offerings:

  • Indo – from Indonesia  has a solid reputation as an energizing kratom that is perfect for getting you going in the morning. Indonesian White Kratom capsules are sought after for their higher 7-hydroxymitragynine content making them a great half-step if you’re considering changing from white to green.
  • Bali – One of the best white kratom strains for new kratom consumers, Bali White Kratom is known for its relaxing and energizing effects. This makes Bali Kratom a popular pairing for those that like their coffee somewhat mild.
  • Sumatra – A fairly recent offshoot of Indonesian Kratom
  • Borneo – Some aromas get you going, then there’s White Borneo. If you have problems getting and staying out of bed, this energizing kratom is the best type for you.
  • Maeng Da – Spoken of in reverent tones among kratom purchasers, White Maeng Da Kratom is developed in Thailand to be really potent. The name translates into “Pimp Grade” hinting at the perceived power of the active compounds on tap

White Kratom FAQ

1.What is different from red?

White vein kratom is a class of kratom defined by the color of the leaf’s veins and stem prior to harvesting. The “white vein” label is one of the main methods that these kratom capsules, and powder are defined. The other classification, such as “Bali”, or “Sumatra” is a reference to the particular strain’s country of origin, and most often where in South East Asia the strain was manufactured and farmed . The color of white vein kratom isn’t just for looks. It mainly indicates the maturity level of the leaf and the alkaloid content of the trees. As kratom leaves age, their veins shift from white to green to red, meaning that white vein kratom is made from kratom leaves in their youngest state. Harvesting white kratom at this early time also affects the levels of alkaloids in the leaves, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the chemical compounds responsible for kratom’s health effects. So even though white vein kratom provides certain effects, they will vary depending on strain (Borneo vs. Bali vs. Maeng Da kratom, etc.), there are similarities between these strains that give white vein kratom its specific effects.

2. Is White Vein Kratom Safe?

The alkaloid content of white vein kratom differs slightly from green or red vein strains, but the same natural compounds are present in all three varieties of kratom capsules. White vein kratom powder is just as safe as any other strain or color. The unique balance of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine that give white kratom it’s effects are somewhat different than green vein or red vein products. Learning by first-hand experience is the best way to show you precisely how white vein kratom will interact with your body’s unique biochemistry. A few important things to consider before purchasing any color or strain. Whether you like green, white or red kratom strains, it’s helpful to ensure that your kratom is free from any harmful contaminants such as pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals. Make sure to purchase your kratom from reputable vendors, who can provide Certificates of Analysis, or “CoA’s”. These CoA’s prove the purity, potency, and safety of your kratom capsules.

3. What is white maeng da kratom?

White Maeng Da Kratom is a variety of kratom grown and processed in Thailand. Like all white strains, it is produced from kratom leaves harvested early in the growth cycle, and the resulting kratom powder, capsules, and extracts have high levels of mitragynine . Unlike most other white vein kratom strains, however, Maeng Da is not named after its country of origin. Rather, “Maeng Da kratom” translates roughly to “pimp grade kratom”, a reference to its high potency. White Maeng Da kratom is produced by splicing several regional varieties of kratom, deliberately combining the desirable compounds and properties of several white kratom plants to develop a sort of super-crop. The result is a white kratom strain of unusually high alkaloid content and very potent.

4. What is the correct dosage?

Effective white vein kratom dosage is the biggest factor of creating a positive experience with kratom use. However, it is virtually impossible to provide a dosing recommendation that fits everyone, as there are a wide variety of personal factors to consider. Proper dosage may be different depending on whether you choose a Borneo, Maeng Da, Indo,Thai, Malay, Bali,, or red Sumatran kratom strain. It will also depend on your height and weight, your experience with and tolerance for kratom, and a number of other health factors. We always recommend that you start with a lower dosage whenever you start using a new strain. That is especially important when you choose a color or strain of white vein kratom with higher than average chemical alkaloid levels. Maeng Da kratom, for instance, is renowned in online kratom communities such as reddit for its potency. Regardless of your past experience with other strains, it is always a good idea to start with lower doses with a new white vein kratom variety.

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