White Sumatra Kratom

The White vein Sumatra leaf is wild grown and harvested in the Indonesian region of Sumatra, a tropical island known for its rough terrain and hot climate. These are precisely the two reasons why White Sumatra is famous for its special alkaloid content and very distinct coloration. White Sumatra varies from other Sumatra kratom strains as it is a white-veined kratom variety, which means that it contains higher volume of active alkaloids such as Mitragynine and lower amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Among Sumatra grown variants, such as Red, White, Green it is the White color leaf which is the most interesting. Larger quantities of the alkaloid content such as Mitragynine and 7-Hydroximytragynine gives the mind blowing White color to the veins. The farmers and harvesters have developed a sharp eye over time for spotting the best and the most alkaloid-concentrated leaves which are then picked and processed further.

White Sumatra kratom for pain contains large quantities of flavonoids and alkaloids. Various researchers have have concluded that White Sumatra differs from Green Sumatra kratom in terms of volumes of alkaloids like mitragynine, the white vein strain obviously contains more. Exact alkaloid levels differ from plant to plant and even branch to branch.

At our recommended vendors you are ensured that products are 100% original, in their purest form, and farm-fresh. Our favorite White Sumatra powder is milled to a very fine powder and goes under a strict quality control check before being shipped out. Our recommended vendors store the kratom in a cool, dry and air-tight storage facilities to preserve its quality and freshness.

How about getting an herbal remedy that will make your kratom tea as delicious as any you have ever tried before? Our approved vendors carry finest selection of white Sumatra kratom for weight loss for sale online. For your convenience, this herbal remedy comes in powder and can be used as a tea ingredient easily.

As its name suggests, Sumatra white kratom is naturally grown in Sumatra, the island located in Southeast Asia. It is globally known for the favorably humid climate and tropical rainforests which create the ideal growing environment for various types of herbs. And Mitragyna speciosa is among the most popular of them.

Kratom of the Sumatra white vein variety is a leaf that stands behind the popularity of the entire region. Currently, it is grown, harvested, and preserved just as it was in the past. The reason is that local farmer families keep following the deep-rooted tradition of their ancestors. All harvesting techniques have been handed down from one generation to the next, making sure every farmer knows how to pick the best leaves of Kratom by hand. No harvesting machines and no sophisticated equipment! By gathering them by hand, the farmers of Sumatra provide us with the most potent herbs that are rich in alkaloids.

White Sumatra enhanced extract is formulated by a precise extraction process. This reformulation results in a more potent version of white vein kratom. Perfect for people who love whites but want a more potent product kick. And like Natural Enhanced True Thai, it combines that energy boost with significant pain relief and relaxation

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