Where to Buy Kratom

Kratom has been steadily on the rise and its popularity has grown hand in hand with the number of outlets where you can purchase the plant. While still not entirely mainstream, kratom is certainly gaining traction and becoming far more readily available for those people searching for where to buy kratom than ever before. 

While kratom is legal (with some local exceptions), it can still be hard to find and order if you don’t know where to look. Not only that, buying randomly-branded kratom from a headshop or gas station can be risky as quality can be questionable. 

Luckily, there are some seriously solid online options for all of your kratom needs. This write-up will dive into what you should look for in an online kratom shop as well as give you our most trusted source for buying kratom online. 

What to Look for in an Online Kratom Store

Online shopping can quickly become a confusing mess, for any product, if you don’t know what to look for in a potential retailer. With products such as kratom that are gaining steady popularity but still somewhat unknown, it becomes even harder to find a reputable and trusted source. 

There are many online sources for kratom but all of them are definitely not on the same level. A flashy website doesn’t directly translate into quality product so you really need to pay attention to a few key factors when looking for kratom online. Keep an eye out for the below and you’ll be well on your way to securing some top-notch kratom. 

GMP Certification

GMP Certified Brands

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and it relates to a set of standards that ensures products are made with a certain level of consistency and quality. GMP is very common, and often required, in the world of pharmaceuticals and food products but extends into more alternative areas of commerce such as kratom as well. 

In fact, the American Kratom Association (AKA) has set up a GMP standards program specific to online kratom retailers in order to increase the quality and safety of products available for sale to consumers. If you are looking for a solid source for kratom online, a GMP certification from the AKA is a great first step. This certification will be well displayed on a website and leave you with peace of mind knowing that the company is committed to the quality of kratom they offer.   

Background Information 

You should also look for a level of background information about the company that is selling kratom products you might be interested in. This could be the story about how the brand got started, why they are interested or passionate about kratom, or any other information that gives you insight into the purpose, mission, and values of the company. 

Reputable companies will be ready and willing to share this information. If you cannot find anything towards this end on a website, there is a good chance that they are somewhat sketchy at best. If they can’t take the time to provide basic background information, they definitely won’t provide good customer service and chances are their products will be sub-par as well. 

How Long Have They Been in Business?

Obviously, the longer a company has been around, the more of a reputation they will have. And companies with a long history of success will happily share this with potential customers as it builds trust. If you can’t find how long a kratom company has been in business, there is a chance that you could be looking at a newly built site that is trying to make quick cash on the kratom craze. 

Transparency with their Sources

Another thing to keep an eye out for when it comes to buying kratom online is transparency from a brand about where the kratom they sell comes from. High-quality brands will be upfront about this with the best options often having longtime connections with a trusted source somewhere in Southeast Asia. 

On a consumer end, the source will give you insight into the quality and potential potency of your kratom. You may have personal preferences over where your kratom comes from. As long as the source is from a typical growing location such as Bali, Malaysia, or Indonesia, you can rest assured you’ll receive quality product. 

If the brand isn’t transparent about sourcing they could be getting their kratom from prepackaged wholesalers or warehouses with no real regard to quality. This is obviously not ideal and if you can’t find their source of kratom, it shouldn’t be your source. 

Third-Party Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is another important consideration when deciding where to buy kratom online. For any product that you will ingest or consume, testing is important in order to make sure that it is safe for that intended use. And third-party testing means that a brand gets their kratom products tested out-of-house for unbiased and accurate results. 

Third-party lab testing will take a look at levels of any microbes and heavy metals as well as the alkaloid content of a sample. This ensures customer safety by making sure the kratom is not contaminated in any way and also allows you to confirm potency and quality by analyzing alkaloid profiles. When a brand completes this testing on its kratom products you know they are committed to the customer as well as promoting ethical practices as well. 

Where to Buy Kratom Online

where to buy kratom online

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