The Green Mitragyna Speciosa Plant

Harvested throughout the dense jungles and forests of Southeast Asia, the Kratom plant is a tree closely related to the coffee plant most of us know and love. Its evergreen Kratom leaves have been seen by indigenous people as medicinal, making it an important ethnobotanical to both the rapidly modernizing cities and traditional isolated native villages that dot the area. With a warm, humid climate generated by the tropical heat and many seas in the area, these plants grow strong, nourished by acidic soil rich in minerals from the volcanic eruptions that helped create the area.

The best green Kratom for energy in the area is harvested by small families of farmers in backyard gardens and in the wild rain forests where it grows abundantly. An critical cash crop for the region, Kratom helps promote biodiversity by taking the place of timber and palm oil farming which encourages deforestation. Coupled with fair trade practices and sustainable Kratom farming techniques, the harvest of green Kratom often proves to be the economic lifeblood for area villages.

Sustainable Agriculture

The best green vein Kratom is found by knowledgeable farm families who have cultivated Kratom for generations, giving them the experience to know which leaves to carefully pick and which to leave for maturation. Unlike some cash crops, where the whole plant is taken at harvest, farners only select leaves those needed and ready for the market are picked from Kratom branches. This helps ensure not only a reliable supply of green Kratom but plentiful quality red Kratom later in the maturation process.

White, green, and red vein leaves all come from the same tree, but each represents a different stage in the life cycle of the foliage. All Kratom leaves start as new growth with white vein and stems. As the branches and leaves grow out, the longer veins of the leaves slowly take on a green shade. Once it is a rich, vibrant green, it’s ready to be picked for green Kratom. Any green leaves left on the vine continue to mature, eventually changing to a red color for the more popular red Kratom strains.

This shift in coloration occurs as the ratio of the two primary active compounds in Kratom, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, change with the maturation stages of the leaf. As the leaves age, more mitragynine is converted into 7-hydroxymitragynine, shifting the color of the stem and veins. Once the veins reach a dark red color, and changes very little from that point forward.

Best Green Vein Kratom Strains

While all green Kratom shares some similar characteristics, the growing region and the different soil minerals and nutrients of the environment can have a dramatic impact on the Kratom powder you purchase. Our favorite green Kratom strains include:

  • Bali – Generally considered a great place to start with Kratom, Bali green vein Kratom perfectly combines the properties of red and white Bali Kratom. Bali Kratom is generally regarded as milder than that of some other southeast asian countries’ Kratom while retaining a unique potency. It offers the relaxing aroma that green Kratom powder is known for but with gentler overtones.
  • Malay – Malaysian Kratom is gaining popularity as some of the best green vein Kratom powder on the market. Regarded by some consumers as one of the first and finest green strains accepted in the West, Green Malay Kratom remains well known for an aroma that is perfect for anxiety or relaxation.
  • Indo – Indonesian Kratom shifts a bit more toward higher levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine content without being too much like red varieties, so it can be the perfect green vein Kratom choice for those consumers who are used to potent red vein powder but want milder aromas.
  • Thai – For many people, Thai kratom is a superior choice. Thailand is known to produce some of the best green vein Kratom on the market which makes sense with the country’s long history of farming and processing houses. Offering one of the most relaxing aromas available, Thai green Kratom is always a great starting point for those new to Kratom purchasing.
  • Maeng Da – If you love Thai green Kratom, but want it to be more, Maeng Da Kratom is grown and cultivated to deliver maximum potency with high levels of Kratom’s active alkaloid compounds. Maeng Da Green Kratom’s taste can be bitter and overwhelming for some; however, its potency makes it very popular among experienced Kratom buyers and one of the best green Kratom strains.

Get The Best Kratom For You

When choosing your Kratom, it’s important to buy from an experienced, reputable online vendor who can provide fresh properly harvested products that are processed for purity and potency. Your Kratom powder should be loose and fluffy with a pleasing taste.

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