Scientific data On Kratom and CBD

” Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tropical tree with a long history of traditional use in parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. Kratom is also known as Thom, Thang, and Biak. Its leaves and the teas brewed from them have long been used by people in that region to manage pain and opioid withdrawal and to stave off fatigue. Kratom is actually consumed throughout the world for its stimulant effects and as an opioid substitute (in form of tea, chewed, smoked, or ingested in capsules).” from

“Hemp oil is taken from food-grade hemp strains. These strains possess less than 0.3% THC, which is what gives you the “high” feeling when you smoke marijuana.

Hemp seeds come from the Cannabis sativa plant and contain an abundance of fatty acids, bioactive compounds, and other helpful nutrients. If you happen to buy full spectrum CBD oil for vaping, you can reap the benefits of additional plant compounds.” by organic newsroom

Anecdotal Research Survey

“Kratom has completely improved my way of life. I have suffered from chronic pain for years, 4 kids and 2 jobs. It’s so tempting to try and buy prescription pain pills illegally because some days I just can’t get going. Kratom has helped me to get through the long days and play with my kids without a pill high unless I mean to take a euphoric amount, my focus has improved, I’m eating better, less depression and anxiety….
I do worry about becoming addicted, not to a high, but to being able to be normal and then finding out it’s dangerous. The worst side effect from bali kratom so far has been extreme sweating. My bowel movements are normal now too. Thanks for covering this! You are so understanding sounding for a dr. All my doctors treat me like a drug addict. “

“Thank you Dr. chicaro for a balanced interview on the sensitive topic of kratom. This herbal plant has saved my life, my siatica is so bad i cant sleep. Kratom provides pain relief and has been a god send for helping my life. On the topic of addiction potential, I think its fair to say kratom indeed has addictive properties. However, on an anecdotal note I have been using kratom for 3 years, sometimes months at a time with doses up to an ounce a day. I have not felt any form of withdrawal other then some mild discomfort. Coffee has been harder for me to quit, I feel depressed without my cup of Joe.

Thank you for also advocating to not have it be made schedule one. I will say it to the day I die, but if I can walk into a supermarket and kill my self with a handle of vodka I feel kratom, a less harmful substance should be allowed. Many of the fear mongering towards Kratom is extreme reminiscent of Marijuana phobia.”

I used to be addicted to opioid pain pills. As a result of my addiction, I did many things I am not proud of. I lost my marriage, temporarily lost custody of my children, and lost my job. I started kratom about 3 years ago and completely stopped all opiate pain pill usage. It was a difficult transition kratom is not nearly as potent as the oxy I was using but considerably better than completely going off and being out of commission for weeks/months. Since starting kratom, I have earned back custody , started and succeeded in a new career, and now have a good relationship again with my family. It was like a light switch. I eventually got back my personality, health, pride, and mental focus. If it wasn’t for kratom, I don’t know if I could have gotten off opiates, and stayed off. I support more research and regulation, but making it a controlled substance or banning it merely suggests a lack of knowledge or interest in its benefits; particularly in light of the opiate epidemic our country is facing. “

I hope as we move forward that this plant is protected. If it does become federally illegal trying to get It legalized at the state level is an option.

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