Kratom Guide For New Users

The online kratom niche can be confusing to new users. We developed this informative guide to assist you eliminate the complications. We have made your life much less stressful by breaking down into sections, the many varieties, colors, and strains of kratom.

High quality premium Kratom, is an extract or powder derived from the Mitragyna speciosa, a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family. This extract is commonly purchased in the form of kratom capsules, powder, or liquid, which gives you 3 options to choose from. New kratom consumers often have trouble deciding which is more effective for their specific condition.

Pain Relief

Kratom has been used for centuries by indonesian farmers to relieve pain. Working all day on a farm can cause pain in a variety of symptoms. We found the highest quality kratom for pain to be maeng da.The four most popular kratom strains for pain relief are sold online as yellow ,red, green, and white vein kratom strains. The country of origin dictates the name of each specific kratom product. You will find a variety of names including red dragon,Borneo, Thai, Bali, Indo, Malaysian, along with the color.

Kratom has been grown as a medicinal herb in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. In the United States, kratom is legal but only became popular in the past 15 years. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not decided how to classify the natural plant extract, so kratom products are currently unregulated by the FDA.

Because these organic herbal products are not classified, new kratom users usually have trouble deciding where to start. We don’t want new, inexperienced users ingesting high doses of the best kratom unknowingly, or even taking a strain of sumatra kratom that is not effective for their specific health condition. This kratom user guide will inform those of you who wish to use Indo kratom but don’t know how to start.

1. First try Small kratom Doses

When taking any new herbal product, it’s always helpful to start with lower dosages. For new users, your body has yet to adjust to kratom leaves, and you don’t know how your system will react. Starting with a low dose will allow your body a chance to adapt to kratom. Remember, you can always take more if needed.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to tell you exactly how much kratom to dose. Like we said, kratom is legal, but has yet to be regulated by the FDA. As such, this guide is restricted by a number of marketing limitations.

For more information regarding dosages, we recommend contacting the American Kratom Association (AKA), a pro-kratom legislative, and educational group that publishes very helpful information on their site. If you are worried about the correct dosage of kratom, we recommend pre-filled kratom capsules containing a pre-measured amount of kratom powder, so that you don’t have to measure out the desired amount of kratom powder yourself.

New consumers should avoid overly high doses of kratom. If taken correctly, kratom has very little risk. If taken in high doses or taken in a manner inconsistent with recommended dosage methods, kratom can induce unwanted side effects, including upset stomach.

2. Taking Kratom On A Full Stomach

For new kratom users, it’s important to reduce the number of possible side effects in order to determine if red dragon kratom is right for you. Side effects can be uncomfortable or potentially lessen the kratom experience. Taking kratom on an empty stomach quickens the effects and may take less than 1 hour to work

Some users have reported issues with taking kratom on an empty stomach. including:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach Irritation
  • Heartburn
  • Acid Reflux

3. Learning Your Kratom Products & Strains

Questions we will provide answers to, include the following: What is green vein kratom, and how does it differ from red Maeng Da? What’s the difference between kratom powder and liquid kratom extracts?

Let’s get started with each strain of malaysian kratom.

  • Red Vein Kratom: the most popular strain of kratom because of its relaxing properties.
  • yellow vietnam Kratom powder commonly used in the morning because of its reportedly energizing properties.
  • Green Vein Kratom: known as a middle ground between red and white vein strains, offering the best of both worlds.

While searching the web, you will notice Sumatra, Bali, Malay, Indo, and Maeng Da strains. These refer to the countries in which kratom products are grown and harvested. Experienced kratom users often find they prefer a strain from a specific location. There are new strains and colors being produced every year, but these are the most popular.

  • Bali Kratom is farmed in Bali, Indonesia.
  • Gold Kratom is grown in other areas of Indonesia.
  • Maeng Da Kratom derives from Thailand, with “maeng da” loosely translating to “pimp strength,” referring to potent, high-quality kratom.

Additionally, these kratom natural strains are available in both capsules and powder form: using powder pre-filled into a gel capsule. or fine crushed leaf powder . So, for example, if you prefer white vein kratom from vietnam in powder form, you could purchase White Vein Maeng Da right here on our site and shipped today.

4. Choose High Quality Premium Kratom

Since The kratom industry is currently not illegal, there exist a large number of online kratom vendors that offer high quality kratom to better your health and wellness. However, there are shady vendors and suppliers that sell untested products. These sketchy vendors just want to make a buck, not provide a high quality product with your well-being in mind.

For new yellow vein kratom users, it’s especially important to purchase lab tested, high quality kratom products from trusted suppliers offering a money back guarantee. Lower quality kratom, while less expensive, may be contaminated with any number of unhealthy chemicals or germs that pose a threat to your overall good health. Our products are lab tested and we offer a money back guarantee

5. Listen to Other Kratom Users

Clinical research data surrounding kratom use and efficacy will remain limited, until the FDA decides to regulate kratom like any other dietary supplement,. However, while anecdotal reports from kratom users are not scientifically acceptednot scientifically acceptable, they can offer insight into the kratom community.

Research data gathered through user reports instead of in a clinical, medical, or scientific setting are known as anecdotal evidence: . New kratom consumers can learn both good and bad information from these surveys and reports. Anecdotal evidence can provide a better idea of what kratom can do for you.

We recommend joining a group like the kratom fans Reddit community, as you’ll find a large variety of posts that provide a lot of informal information about kratom in general. Ask the reddit group any specific questions you have about kratom, you will usually get answers from experienced users. Since promoting specific brands is not allowed in the reddit community, you should get un-biased answers.We find the kratom community is all about helping each other reach new heights of health and wellness!

Popular Methods

Kratom tea is an effective way to prepare most strains of kratom.

We recommend only powdered leaf should be used to make tea or you can empty out the capsules. Kratom extracts should not be used in preparing your tea. These extracts are more expensive, and the boiling water destroys the potency of the main ingredient,mitragynine.

  1. Start by measuring between 3 and 14 grams of powdered leaf.
  2. Boil 0.5 to 1.0 liter of water. More water will dilute the taste but will not affect the phytochemical composition of your kratom powder.  
  3. Place the desired amount of kratom powder into a large cup or container with a pour lip, and pour the boiling water on top.,
  4. Briskly stir until it is thoroughly mixed. Be sure to eliminate any clumps of dry powder.
  5. Add mango juice, sugar, artificial sweetner, or honey to reduce the bitter taste, and stir. Let sit until cool (at least 10 minutes), stirring occasionally.
  6. Once cooled, allow the kratom powder to settle.

Pour the tea into a coffee cup and enjoy! Add more sweetener to taste, or add more water or ice cubes to mask the flavor.

1. Mix Kratom with Food

Our favorite journal filled with kratom recipes include mixing with pudding,apple sauce or ice cream. The Reddit group offers good suggestions including mixing kratom with chocolate almond milk, and chocolate or vanilla protein powder.

Keep in mind that kratom has a strong flavor and blend well with every dish.

You will not reduce the efficacy of kratom if you take it with food, but ingesting kratom on an empty stomach may change the subjective experience of its effects.

2. Toss and Wash

The toss and wash method involves simply spooning the powder into your mouth, or wrap the kratom in something edible and wash it down with a tasty liquid like mango juice.

This is the least popular method, because the powder is dry and sometimes will stick to your mouth and throat, causing some users to to gag or blow the bitter tasting kratom powder out of their mouth. If using this method of consumption, it is best to spoon small amounts at a time.

Some consumers argue that the toss and wash method provides the purest and quickest effects of the kratom leaf, but this method has also been known to cause digestive problems like constipation.

The Kratom User Guide for All

Our hope is that this kratom user guide has helped both new and experienced users to understand the parameters of kratom use. Learning something new about your favorite compound is always helpful! The online kratom industry is often distracting and overwhelming, and hopefully we have provided kratom users direction to navigate this mass of information.

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