How To Choose The Right Kratom Dosage

When considering using any substance, natural or otherwise, you need to have an accurate idea of the correct dose to take to achieve desired effects. This is an essential factor when using Kratom as too much can leave you with an adverse reaction, and too little can result in no effects at all. Here we will explore some different suggested Kratom dosage recommendations based on the desired effect, strain, and type of product to give you insight into what might be best for your personal use. 

A Note on Kratom Dosing

The following dosages are suggestions, and you should start small and slowly increase until you find an amount that meets your needs. Every individual will have their own experience with Kratom’s effects and the amount of the plant needed to reach those effects. And dosing is not the only factor that can influence the experience – bodyweight, age, and overall health also plays a role here.  

You will find specific doses for certain effects below, but always keep in mind that what works for someone else might not provide the same results for you, and vice versa. The information you’ll find here is accurate but not individualized. Always pay attention to how any given dose affects you to dial in a personalized approach to using Kratom.  

How to Measure the Right Dosage of Kratom Powder

As touched on above, there is no exact right dose for everyone. There is, however, a proper way to measure any given dose. And measuring out the appropriate amount, once you discover what works best for you, is crucial towards seeing the effects and benefits you desire. 

Kratom Dosages

A high-quality digital scale is needed to measure your Kratom dosage accurately. A scale will give you the ability to precisely measure the weight of Kratom powder or dried leaves and leave you with an accurate and reliable dose every time. There are inherent issues with measuring techniques that can lead to inconsistent labeling between different Kratom brands and producers as well – another reason a digital scale is needed to measure a dose correctly. 

If you do not have access to a digital scale or do not want to purchase one, you won’t get as accurate of a dose. You can still get in the ballpark by using a tool such as this dosage conversion chart. The chart can help you figure out average estimates for weight in grams, ounces, and standard cooking measurements of Kratom powder and crushed leaf. This chart can serve as a general guideline but will not give you the pinpoint results of a digital scale. 

Different Doses, Different Effects

Different doses of Kratom in any form will leave you with different effects. Kratom is unique because lower doses have a notably different effect than higher doses in overall feel, not just in strength. In this way, you can base your dosing on the effects you want.

Lower doses of Kratom powder of a single gram or less will generally produce an energetic effect that can boost your mood and mental alertness. A higher amount of the same powder can, in turn, have almost the opposite effect and cause feelings of sedation, providing a calming sensation while also reducing anxiety.

Different Strains, Different Effects

Different strains of Kratom can also result in different effects. Dosing amounts will be similar among the varying strains, but slight differences with alkaloid content and chemical structure found within these plant species can produce distinct characteristics when consumed. Take a look at some of these differences between strains of Kratom here. 

Different brands of Kratom, even if they are the same strain, can also produce slightly different effects or require a different dose. Differences in the growing conditions, production process, and other factors individual to each plant’s producer or grower can cause this.  

Kratom Doses for Different Experiences

For anyone just starting to use Kratom for the first time, you should start slowly and begin with a smaller dose and then increase from there to achieve the intended effects. Take 1 to 3 grams, to start with – ½ teaspoon to 1 tablespoon if not using a scale. Build your way up so that you do not have an uncomfortable experience and know that you might not feel much at first, but that’s better than the alternative. 

Use the following dosing recommendations for these different experiences:

  • Energy/Alertness – 3-4 grams white or green vein/4-5 grams red vein
  • Anxiety – 3-4 grams white or green vein/4-5 grams red vein
  • Pain Relief – 6-7 grams white or green vein/7-8 grams red vein
  • Sedative/Relaxation – 6-7 grams white or green vein/7-8 grams red vein
  • Opiate Withdrawal – 7-10 grams white or green vein/10-12 grams red vein

All of the above dosing guidelines are not exact for every situation or person. Since science is still uncovering Kratom’s many effects and its interaction within the human body, take caution when using the plant for any of the above reasons. Always start on the small end of these guidelines and work your way up towards more to avoid unwanted side effects or an adverse reaction. 

Final Thoughts

Think of Kratom dosing as a personal and customizable experience rather than a one-size-fits-all rule. Every individual user can react slightly differently based on existing factors within their body and experience effects at a given dose that others may not. The information and recommendations found here are intended to serve as a blueprint to help take advantage of the Kratom’s plant extraordinary powers.  

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