Can You Fly With Kratom?

Our modern world allows us to travel more than ever before. And no matter if you travel for work, leisure, or a little bit of both, it’s always nice to bring along some of your favorite items from home. If you enjoy Kratom, you need to keep yourself informed of its legality where you live and where you are headed if you are considering bringing it along for the ride and find out if you can fly with kratom to your destination.

Kratom is popular with a growing number of consumers for the variety of benefits and uses it can provide. However, the plant and its various products are still not yet legal in every location and region worldwide. More widespread acceptance leads to fewer regulations in more cities, states, and countries, but it’s still not always legal to carry or consume Kratom everywhere – let alone when flying. 

It’s important to know any and all rules and regulations in place regarding Kratom in the area you live as well as where you want to travel before you decide to bring it along when you fly. If you don’t, you could end up with fines or penalties that will put a damper on your travels and result in limited access or a loss of your Kratom altogether. 

So can you fly with kratom? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know when flying with Kratom here. 

A Quick Background on Kratom 

Kratom is the common name for the Mitragyna speciosa plant. This is a tropical tree that is native to areas in Southeast Asia. It has been used by people native to this region for generations and has begun to gain more widespread popularity across the world in recent years. 

The leaves of the Kratom tree are harvested and dried before being consumed in various products. Dried Kratom leaves and Kratom powder are the most commonly used and available products for consumers worldwide, but there are now a number of online retailers that sell the best kratom capsules, teas, tinctures, and other options to enjoy. Taking Kratom is now easier than ever due to the many products available. 

Kratom is used for various benefits, including pain relief (including chronic pain), calming properties, energy enhancement, focus and mental ability, and to ease withdrawal symptoms due to opioid addiction. These benefits are caused by compounds within the Kratom leaf, known as alkaloids, that help to unlock the power of the plant. 

There are three main varieties, also known as veins, of the Kratom tree and each offers slightly different benefits and effects when consumed. Green vein, red vein, and white vein are the main varieties, and each of these can be broken down further into common varieties such as Green Malay and Maeng Da. The best Kratom vein for a certain individual is often a personal preference of the Kratom user. 

The differences between the common veins have to do with their slightly different alkaloid contents resulting from growing conditions, origin location, and processing method, among other factors. 

Current Laws Regarding Kratom in the United States

The laws and regulations surrounding Kratom in the United States vary from location to location. This is because there is no exact rule at the federal government level relating to Kratom. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is the organization responsible for labeling certain substances as legal or illegal in the eyes of the Feds, and since Kratom is not classified as a controlled substance, there is no official regulation of it or products derived from it. The FDA also doesn’t support Kratom use, but 

But there are certain states, cities, and counties that have adopted their own individual rules and regulations regarding Kratom. Just because Kratom technically isn’t illegal, according to the US government, doesn’t mean you can freely consume and possess it anywhere. Any local government rules in effect are the law of that region and need to be understood and respected.

In addition to local laws indicating whether Kratom is legal to use or possess, there are further regulations, such as age restrictions, in place that also need to be known and understood. You need to be at least 18 or 21 years of age in certain states to purchase Kratom. 

State-Specific Rules and Regulations in the United States

As mentioned above, just because the federal government hasn’t placed any regulations on Kratom in the US doesn’t mean that it is free to use everywhere and anywhere you’d like. Different states have state-specific rules in place, depending on where you live or are going to travel. 

Check our full post on Kratom Laws for a full breakdown of the state-by-state regulations regarding Kratom. 

Here are the states in the US where Kratom is currently illegal to possess and consume:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

You cannot legally have Kratom in your possession in the states above, so you shouldn’t fly with it to any of them mentioned here. 

There are also some states where Kratom is legal but with more localized restrictions or bans in place. Here are some states that have city or county bans on Kratom in place:

  • California – Illegal in San Diego city limits
  • Colorado – Illegal in Denver city limits
  • Florida – Illegal in Sarasota County
  • Mississippi – Illegal in Union County  

And here are the states that have age restrictions on Kratom in place:

  • Illinois – Must be 18 years of age to purchase Kratom
  • New Hampshire – Must be 18 years of age to purchase Kratom
  • Tennessee – Must be 21 years or older to purchase Kratom

Also note that things can change quickly with the regulations above. You should always check for all regulations in place to the area you intend to fly before attempting to bring Kratom along with you on your travels. Just because a certain state or city has a regulation against Kratom now, doesn’t mean this will always be the case. And the same applies the other way around. 

Legal Status of Kratom in Other Countries

If you are flying anywhere outside of the United States, you will want to be aware of the laws regarding Kratom wherever you are headed. While some places won’t blink an eye if you show up with Kratom, other countries can arrest you, or possibly worse. 

These country-specific regulations can often change, so it’s always recommended to check prior to your travels about the current laws in place surrounding Kratom. The list below includes some commonly traveled to countries with current restrictions in place or that ban Kratom outright:

  • Australia
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Jordan
  • Israel
  • Malaysia
  • Lithuania
  • New Zealand
  • Myanmar
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • Suadi Arabia
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates 

It’s worth mentioning again that the above list doesn’t cover every country where Kratom is illegal. These are just some commonly visited locations. You will need to check current locations shortly before your anticipated travel to be sure of the legality of Kratom in that country. There are other countries, such as Russia, where Kratom is not illegal, but importing it is not allowed. 

So, is Kratom Legal to Fly With?

The easy answer to whether you can bring Kratom on an airplane is yes and no. It all depends on the restrictions in place from your country of origin and your destination. You also need to know about the regulations in any layover countries you may be stopping in during the course of your flight. 

Let’s look at a quick example here. If you are leaving from a state in the US where Kratom is currently legal to a country outside of the US where it is also legal, there shouldn’t be any issues with bringing Kratom in your baggage while you travel. But if you live in Alabama and fly to Australia, you won’t want to fly with it as it’s legal in both locations. 

Even if Kratom is legal in only one of the places you are traveling to or leaving from, you shouldn’t bring it with you. There is a good chance that you can run into problems at your arrival destination if Kratom is illegal there but legal from where you left. It’s not worth the risk and should be avoided.

Another situation you might encounter, which often happens during international flights, is a layover in a country that is not your origin or final destination. If Kratom is illegal in this location but legal in your starting and endpoints, you should not bring it onto the airplane or with you when you travel. You could slip by unnoticed, but if the Kratom is found, you could get into trouble and ruin your trip. 

can you fly with kratom

From Airport Security to a Carry-On -Tips for Flying with Kratom 

If Kratom is legal in your origin location, final destination, and any layover locations you might have, then you can indeed fly with it. But you should pay attention to a few tips on how to travel with Kratom, just in case you are questioned about it by any authorities or officials when you are in transit. Just because it is legal doesn’t mean that every TSA agent or airport security person will know what it is. 

The first tip is to always fly with Kratom that is in its original packaging and clearly marked or labeled. This will make your supply more legitimate if anyone asks you about it during the course of the flight. If you pack your Kratom into smaller baggies or some other DIY sort of packaging, you will likely raise some red flags if it gets noticed. Even if it’s a legal substance, this can cause some problems that you definitely want to avoid. 

Another tip is to pack your Kratom in checked baggage instead of your carryons. This will attract less attention when you go through the security line. If you pack it in your carryon luggage, there is the chance that security will question you about it. Even if it’s legal where you are traveling from, and you have it clearly labeled, better safe than sorry. Packing Kratom in your checked bags can eliminate some potential issues ahead of time. 

Another thing to consider is that if you’re ever in doubt about whether Kratom is legal while you fly, it’s best to just not bring it along. It’s not worth the potential risk of getting arrested or fined if you are unsure of the exact letter of the law. And if you’re unsure, it will be more suspicious if you get questioned about it. 

The best advice to flying with Kratom is to check all regulations and laws in place a few days before you travel, and definitely before you pack any Kratom in your bags. If you are certain that it’s legal in your starting point, destination, and any layover locations, then you shouldn’t have any issue. If you know Kratom is illegal in any of those locations or you are unsure, it’s best to not bring it along. 

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