Buying Kratom Seeds: Everything You Need to Know

With increased availability and popularity, more and more people are discovering the power of Kratom. And this has led to more people attempting to kratom enthusiasts wanting to grow their own Kratom at home or commercially. Growing a tropical tree on your own might sound complicated, but with the right conditions and some TLC, the Kratom tree, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa can grow in many regions of the world. While they are native to Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo and Malaysia, they can also grow right in your own backyard. 

What’s the first step to growing your own Kratom? It starts with fresh seeds. So let’s take a look at Kratom seeds here to provide you with everything you need to know to give your green thumb an advantage when growing this amazing plant. 

What are Kratom seeds?

Kratom seeds are found in the seed pods of the Mitragnya speciosa plant, more commonly known as Kratom. The seeds are contained within small seeds pods that grow on the tree. Each of these pods contains many seeds that are released into the air when the pods open at the end of the growing season. Kratom seeds are very small – ideal for wild propagation but making them difficult to harvest. 

Can you grow your own Kratom? 

It’s more than possible to grow your own Kratom. But you need the right growing conditions and environment to simulate the wet and humid tropical conditions where Kratom trees naturally grow in Southeast Asia where there is naturally rich soil that produces tall trees with high alkaloid content. 

If you live in the United States, the best place to grow your own kratom plant is ideally a place with high humidity levels like Florida, or somewhere that gets direct sunlight and has fertile soil for most of the year. If you don’t live in a warm climate, you can supplement this by using high quality potting soil and plant food, but you will still need to mimic the right environment for your plants to thrive. 

kratom seeds

You also need enough space to grow the tree because it can grow to heights of over 75 feet. Other considerations, such as a growing medium that retains moisture but allows adequate drainage and the proper soil pH, need to be taken into account.  

These factors can easily overwhelm a novice gardener and lead to a failed attempt at growing the tree. Growing Kratom is best left for those who have previous gardening and farming experience. If you can create the proper growing conditions and have some experience, you can grow your own Kratom. 

Where can you buy Kratom seeds?

Kratom seeds are available to purchase if you want to grow your own Kratom. Due to the nature of the seeds being difficult to harvest because of their small size alongside problems with seeds staying fertile throughout the shipping process, getting high-quality and viable seeds can pose issues. 

If you live somewhere near a Kratom tree that is already growing, this can be an excellent way to explore your options when buying kratom seeds. If you’re lucky enough to be in Southeast Asia, you could go to a Kratom orchard or farm and ask the people there if they have seeds for sale. Or, if you know of anyone who is currently growing Kratom in your area, you can ask them if they have seeds for sale.

The reality is that most growers who want Kratom seeds will need to purchase them online. While it’s pretty easy to get products like kratom powder and kratom capsules online, it might be more difficult to come by fresh kratom seeds. 

As mentioned earlier, there are also some issues with shipped seeds remaining fertile, so any online order may automatically have a low germination rate, and may result in the possibility of seeds that will not grow into live kratom plants. That’s a risk with growing any plant from seed as not all seeds will sprout, but it’s good to be aware of when ordering Kratom seeds from an online kratom vendor. 

Check out these options for where to buy the best Kratom seeds online:

Is it worth it to grow your own Kratom?

Growing your own Kratom can be rewarding and allow you to enjoy the benefits of the plant easily. But it takes quite a bit of effort, time, and energy to grow the Kratom tree from seed to the point where you can harvest the kratom leaves to use for consumption. The time consideration alone can be enough to make it not worth it for any casual user who simply wants to get their hands on some quality product. 

If you don’t live in a somewhat tropical environment or have room to grow a large tree or two on your property, it probably isn’t worth it to grow your own Kratom. Dry regions or any location with winter conditions will make it nearly impossible to grow Kratom unless you can keep the plant indoors in a greenhouse or similar growing scenario. While it can be easy to grow under the right conditions, you won’t have much success in non-tropical environments. 

If you are an experienced gardener and have the necessary space and growing environment to care for a tropical tree correctly, it can be more than worth it to grow your own Kratom. If you are lucky enough to reach the point of a successful harvest, you will have access to plenty of Kratom for your personal use and can even package and sell product to create a business venture of your own.

You will also want to check for any legal restrictions in your area regarding growing Kratom before you make any attempt to do so. Any potential risk of fines or worse will take away from having easy access to your own Kratom. 

There are also plenty of online options to purchase Kratom, which can be a better alternative to growing your own if you don’t have access to the seeds, the proper growing conditions, or simply don’t have the interest in planting a tree.   

What types of Kratom seeds are there? 

There are many different kratom strains available. And each of these will put out seeds that are specific to that variety of the Kratom plant. If you are looking for seeds of a particular strain, make sure to inquire with your source to ensure the seeds you buy will put out the variety you are looking for.

Some of the most popular strains of Kratom include the Bali, Matay, Maeng Da, and Thai varieties. These all can produce plentiful Kratom harvests if you choose to grow them from seed. 

Another way to look at the different types of Kratom seeds is through the difference in where they are sourced. A locally produced seed will have a better chance of to germinate and be more acclimated to your local growing environment. Shipped seeds from far away locations will provide you with access to more strains but present inherent complications with sprouting and growing.        

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