4 Calming Red Kratom Strains

For centuries, various indigenous cultures across Southeast Asia have harnessed the natural botanical power of kratom leaves for both medicinal and recreational purposes. By drying and grinding the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree to produce kratom, locals in Indonesia, Thailand, and elsewhere have traditionally used the plant to alleviate fatigue, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

Now, kratom’s legacy has spread to the western world where the plant is quickly growing in popularity. Although kratom’s multifaceted nature makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications, many people have gravitated towards the plant as a source of stress relief. Both kratom novices and enthusiasts alike are particularly fond of the effects of red kratom strains, which feature robust, calming aromas that promote feelings of peace and tranquility.

However, with so many kratom powder strains to choose from, finding the ideal kratom for your needs can be challenging. But, don’t worry: if you’re looking for natural anxiety relief to relax and unwind after a stressful day, we’ve got you covered!

Here are five of the best calming kratom strains, arranged in no particular order.

Red Horn: The “No Frills” Option

Hailing from the Kalimantan jungles of Borneo, Red Horn kratom is a relatively new arrival within the kratom market, but a strong contender nonetheless. Its name references the distinctive horned edges of its leaves, which appear serrated when closely inspected.

The strain features a relaxing aroma that’s conducive to stress relief and rest but is often considered subdued in comparison to the effects of other red kratom strains. While Red Horn’s aroma seems to excel at promoting relaxation, it isn’t particularly stimulating, soothing, or mood-elevating.

As a result, Red Horn is likely ideal for those desiring a simplified, no-frills kratom strain that prioritizes de-stressing and decompressing above all else.

Red Thai: The “Balanced” Option

For the purposes of relaxation, most users prefer the effects of red vein kratom to other kratoms for anxiety like white and green. However, some users find the aromas of red kratom strains like Red Bentuangie, Red Kali, and Red Bali to be overly relaxing.

Fortunately, in comparison to the other strains on this list, the effects of Red Thai kratom are often described as being calming without being overly sedating. These characteristics make the strain best-suited to users desiring a relaxing kratom aroma that won’t reduce their daytime energy levels or negatively affect their productivity.

Red Bentuangie: The “Strong” Option

Sourced from Indonesia, Bentuangie is a rare kratom variant that undergoes a unique post-harvest fermentation process. The result is a highly relaxing strain aroma that’s also slightly soothing and a natural mood enhancer.

However, in comparison to other red kratom strains, Bentuangie’s aromatic effects may be too potent for some. As a result, users who are partial to milder red kratom effects may want to opt for Red Thai or Red Malay instead.

As a rare strain, tracking down a reliable source of Red Bentuangie kratom products can also be challenging (luckily, we have it here at Kratora!). That said, if you’re looking to maximize your relaxation potential, Red Bentuangie is a fitting choice.

Red Malay: The “Well-rounded” Option

Grown and harvested within the Kapuas Hulu region of Indonesia, Red Malay’s calming red kratom effects are widely renowned by kratom enthusiasts. As the red-veined counterpart to Green and White Malay, Red Malay’s aroma is the most relaxing of the three.

In general, this is not the best kratom for energy. This strain’s aroma seems to excel at promoting calmness and elevating one’s mood without being stimulating or overly relaxing. As such, Red Malay is a capable candidate as a relaxing red vein kratom strain and as a milder, well-rounded alternative to stronger strains like Red Bentuangie and Red Kali. However, as a “jack-of-all-trades” strain, users desiring specific red kratom effects may want to draw their attention elsewhere.

Red Kali: The “Soothing” Option

Although Red Kali is often marketed and sold with many names — including Jongkong, Ketapang, Kalimantan, and Hulu — the strain maintains a strong reputation of excellence throughout various kratom communities and is frequently considered a “classic” alongside other revered favorites like Red Bali and Red Malay.

Red Kali kratom’s aromatic effects are similar to many of the other strains on this list with most users describing the strain’s aroma as highly relaxing. Red Kali is also likely to be the best kratom for pain of the five we’ve examined in this post so far, especially when compared to strains like Red Thai and Red Horn.

As a result, Red Thai is well suited to users who are looking to dissolve both mental and physical tension; however, if you’re not partial to strong aromas, the milder kratom effects of Red Malay and Red Thai strains might be preferable alternatives for your needs.

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