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CBD Flower (Relief NOT High)

All CBD flower sold has been sourced from non-GMO organic farms. All flower is then third party lab-tested. The cannabinoid and terpenes profile of a particular flower determines its specific effects. All CBD flower is hand-trimmed to make sure it does not contain any trim/shake or seeds. CBD flower is a great choice for pain relief, stress relief, anxiety and depression. It provides RELAXED, UPLIFTED AND EUPHORIC affects.


CBD’R US Gummies are available in seven different options. Gummies are the most delicious way to consuming CBD. These gummies will take you back to your childhood. Get all the benefits of CBD and enjoy the delicious taste of premium gummies.


This is a 300mg Water Soluble product. Nano-Technology is used to break down oil molecules into small size particles. Human Body is mostly water, so water soluble products mix better into the blood stream. This water soluble is available in Grape, Natural, Lemon, Pina Colada, and Cherry Limeade. 

$5 – 1Gram Pre-Roll

CBD flower is great choice for pain relief, stress relief, anxiety and depression. It provides relaxed, uplifted and euphoric effects. This is a 1-Gram pre-roll of CBD flower rolled in an organic RAW cone.


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